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ME!! Because it’s ALWAYS the mom’s fault, boys and girls. We are on our third one-nighter in a row, driving right now from Fresno to Sacramento. Fresno was yucky. Sorry, Fresno-ans. But it was. And Bakersfield smelled like cow poop. I hope Sacramento will be nicer. In truth, we aren’t seeing much of these towns beside the view from the bus window, the inside of our hotel, and the inside of whatever arena the show is playing. At least the Fresno crowd REALLY liked the show and cheered their heads off. I think as we get closer to Christmas, the reception just gets warmer and warmer, which is really kind of nice. Also it seems like the smaller towns maybe appreciate us a little more. Or maybe it’s just that the last couple of cities have definitely been more excited than the LA crowd was.

You know what? LA is a weird place. We were there for 5 days, and I could NOT get my head around the personality of the city at all. When I was walking around the more crowded parts, I was thinking maybe it was a little like New York, where I am totally comfortable and happy. But it really isn’t, at all. The people are different, the energy is different, the priorities are different. I think part of it is a geographical thing – that whole part of the country is just so much more spread out. I’m not sure people have learned to deal with being right on top of each other the way New Yorkers are. I don’t know. I guess I would have to spend a whole lot more time there to figure it out.

As I write, I am realizing that I am really really behind and I’m not sure if I can write without trying to catch up at least a little. We last wrote from Wichita, where my precious angel son regaled the lot of you with stories of my digestion … Ahem. Anyway.

From Wichita, he and I took a quick and unexpected detour to New York, where he (once again!) came very very close to landing a pretty big role but ultimately didn’t land it. It was OK, a really good experience all in all, coincided perfectly with a day off, plus we got to see Jason Marks! Still… going from Wichita to Dallas/Ft. Worth to LaGuardia to the middle of New York City and then back to LaGuardia and then back to Dallas/Ft. Worth and then to Colorado Springs to catch up with the tour ALL IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS…. well, it was a little much.

Colorado Springs was cold when we got there, and the next day turned colder. A LOT COLDER. That day I didn’t catch the shuttle to the arena, but put Cooper on and walked over myself, a little later. I went to Target to buy myself a scarf and to get a gift for one of the kids on the tour (they are doing a Secret Santa thing, and I had to buy the gift when none of the kids were around). As I walked to the arena, I watched this incredible storm system blow in over the mountains and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.

From Colorado Springs, we went on to Salt Lake City, where OUR WHOLE FAMILY WAS WAITING FOR US!! Boy, was that ever a joyful reunion. I though I would swoop up that baby boy first (OK, he’s almost 7, but he’s MY baby), but as it turned out I was hugged ferociously by my two teenage girls first, and that was awesome because they almost knocked me over with excitement and I hadn’t felt that loved in person for a really long time! THEN the baby hugging commenced, then the husband hugging, all of which was grand. Radio City/the hotel put on a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for all of us and our families, and the families had fun getting to know each other. We even had a game night in a boardroom on the 18th floor with Taboo and this other game called Mafia in which there was a killer, a nurse, a cop and a lot of dead villagers. I never did really understand it, but the kids liked it enough to play many, many rounds of it. I liked the part that involved putting our heads on the table with our eyes closed.

Also in SLC it SNOWED and was cold and beautiful. On Sunday morning, we walked a few blocks and got covered with snow on our way to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The tabernacle is beautiful, and the grandness of the whole thing was impressive. I always forget how much I love choral music, although I have to say the actual singing did not live up to what I’d imagined. Something about the soprano section in particular. Not that anyone asked. After that, we went to brunch and our tutor, Bernadette, met us there and ate with our family. I love her.

Saw the family off Monday morning and the kids did some schoolwork in the hotel that afternoon with Jason and Bernadette before heading over to the arena for the show. Next day we bussed to the Denver airport then flew to Phoenix, then shuttled to Glendale – where my mom was coming to visit us! We got there pretty early and we were right near a mall, so the boys went to see “Tangled,” and I hung around in the sunshine waiting for my mom to arrive. She got there soon enough and we got to have some mom/daughter time in the coffee shop before the movie let out. It was super fun to have her there, and good Mama/Gramma that she is, she arrived with Hanukkah gifts – although one had been UNWRAPPED by airport security because it was a potentially deadly book about the Pittsburgh Steelers. We think it was the dreidels on the wrapping paper that tipped off the authorities. Anyway. She loved the show – saw it once on a real ticket and then got to kind of smuggle in with me for part of another show. Shhhh.

Also in Glendale we got to see some wonderful family friends who moved to Phoenix from Richmond about 6 years ago. We went from cold Salt Lake City to sunny Glendale, and the hotel had an enormous (and heated – it wasn’t THAT warm) outdoor pool. We spent quite a lot of hours hanging out down there. That’s also where we saw Bernadette off, since we had to have one certified California studio teacher for the California portion of the tour. Our new tutor, Lynn, joined us in San Diego. We still got to keep Jason.

I am such a loser! Now it has been another whole week and I still haven’t posted a thing. I’m going to slap this up there and try to catch up later. In Boise right now – heading to Portland at 6 AM tomorrow, where we will finish up this madcap adventure in another 4 days.


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  1. I have really enjoyed reading about your and Cooper’s exploits – thank you so much for sharing! Just wondering how you two are adjusting to life back home?

  2. HaHa – I just saw this today – January 12. I loved your blog and Cooper’s 2cents and you are NOT the worst blogger ever. Thanks for sharing whatever you did share – it was great reading.

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