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wow, i haven’t blogged since madison, sorry about that. im in des moines right now. so first i’ll pretend like im in denver and i’ll blog about being in denver. so i was only there for 3 days but it was pretty fun anyway.
i am going to make a little graph of what things we did:

unstoppable. description: that new movie with Chris Pine where they’re all like “oh crud a big train is on the loose with all this bad chemical stuff going 75 miles per hour”

the office. description: FUNNIEST SHOW EVER!!! if you haven’t seen it then you need to start watching it
glee. description: im pretty sure you know what glee is
combo. description: 0k so i watched an episode (more like an epic-sode) of the office but the episode was about glee! combo-ness!

i got a couple of books at the barnes and noble including; ultimate x-men issues 34-45, Echiro Oda’s graphic novel, One Piece, volume 3. also thanks to Melissa, Atticus and Ronan i have 2 other books that i look forward to reading, thanks guys!

Johnny Rockets, cheesecake factory, einsteins, cooks fresh market.

Everything was pretty fun in denver except the dry-ness. also thanks for the awesome geography packet daddo, its my favorite one yet! i did 2 shows in denver (There was 5 shows all together) so thats 3 shows of the tour so far. i got to peek in on some of Jared’s shows (the tutors are really nice to let us do that in the middle of tutoring) and it looks amazing! i have to go to lunch now with my friends (for you its probably quarter to 1. weird right?) so bye!!

i’ll write a little later about des moines!


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