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OK. Rehearsals are over and we’re really on tour now! I’m feeling so behind on this blog, and I don’t even have a good reason as to why, other than there is always somewhere we need to be or something that needs to get done. Still, we have a decent amount of down time (especially me, considering I don’t have a show to do!), so I don’t know what my problem is. Sometimes at the end of the day, the lure of Sudoku or some mindless word game is just too strong to resist.

We got in late last night to Des Moines. These travel days are a bit tiring: We got on the bus in Denver a little before noon. After bussing, checking in, going though security, waiting, boarding, flying, gate-finding, food-searching, waiting (again), boarding (again), flying (again) into a new time zone (went from mountain to central), luggage-gathering, and bussing (again), we stepped off the bus and into the Renassaince Hotel in downtown Des Moines a little before midnight. One of the dancers (Philly Phil Vicars, who I never see without a smile and a skateboard) stepped into the lobby and immediately said he remembered being woken up in the middle of the night by a fire drill last year in this same hotel. Want to venture a guess as to what happened TWICE, early this morning? No lie. Turns out some workmen were fixing the fire alarm, so I think it only went off on our floor. WELL, we decided we were entitled to room service breakfast after that!

Also – about the traveling: being surrounded by hilarious dancers and singers makes it much more fun. The Rockettes – as I’ve said before – usually travel separately from us. But some of the ensemble dancers and all of the singers, plus the tutors and many crew people always seem to be on our same flights and buses. Not sure how they like it, but I definitely enjoy it! We also get the LPs, or the Little People. There are the two main performers, Terra and Adam, who among other things play Santa’s two elves, Skittle and Jingle. And there is the swing, Joe. Terra sat with me and Cooper, and she taught Cooper a cool game called SOS and actually PLAYED it with him for about 45 minutes of the plane trip. Love her!!! (liked her anyway, but LOVE HER after seeing how she was with Cooper)

Des Moines is the home town of the Clara in Cooper’s cast, and we are headed to a place called Allplay, to find some laser tag and an arcade before the afternoon shows. We are going to try to blog a little more frequently even if we write less each time. We’ll see how that goes!


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