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The other stuff I wanted to say is that I’m sorry I’m not better at figuring out how to answer comments. Some of the comments that show up on the individual pictures are harder for me to find a second time. I haven’t had a lot of time to mess around with it, and I don’t know the best way to make my answers to individual comments show up. Sometimes I just answer through emails. I fear that it looks like we are just ignoring you guys! Not meaning to. Just not very savvy. Going to seek help with this matter this week. Meantime, I hope you will keep reading!
Today we fly to Denver, where they are expecting 5 inches of snow. Tomorrow is a day off, then come the Denver shows, where my old best friend from high school is coming and bringing her two little boys.
Forgot to say also that my mother-in-law and her brother and his wife, plus another couple that are dear friends with my MIL, came to OPENING NIGHT, bless them! It was so wonderful to see familiar faces, plus they took me and Cooper out to lunch, then I got to join them for an adults-only dinner out while Cooper had to be at the arena. It was FANTASTIC!!
Our family will be joining us in Salt Lake City, and my mom is coming to Phoenix. YaHoo!!! Like I said before: Y’ALL COME!


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