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so were here!!! sorry i havent been able to blog, rehearsing so much doesn’t really leave you with much time to do anything. i was also gonna do a halloween-special-blog-kinda-thingy but it was to late because we were already on the plane to detroit. if you have recently looked on facebook (which 99.9 of you probably have) you will see that we went biking!! madison has really cool bike trails and the best one goes around this HUUUUUGE lake. the only thing is, “spider-man 3” came on the other night and i guess thats just a sign of how un-sensitive to entertainment people in madison are (you all know that the third one was the worst one. and that the first was ok, but the second one was the most epic). also, it turns out that madison’s egg-sausage caserole is really (buuuurp) good. today (since we have tutoring all day) we’re going on a field trip to the zoo! me and mom are probably gonna bike there. i hope its gonna be fun! we’re gonna kinda stay for a long time.

btw, (if you’ve been following the blog) you remember that guy who looked like John Stamos? well, i ran it
by him and he didn’t think he looked like John stamos at all.

last night i went swimming with the other boys in the show (Sy, Troy, and Jared) and it was super duper fun! (did i mention that the hotel has shuttles that have 6 rows of seats and a really cool indoor pool and a hottub?) me and Jared did under-water slow-motion fights. then we did the most epic chicken fight in the wooorld! these guys are really cool, especially……well…..all of them! and our sister Clara is really cool too. both of them.

btw #2,
i would like to run this by you, the day before we left i got two holes in ones at the awesome putt putt place and one of them was the last hole which is absolutely impossible!! i got put on there hall of fame and got a lifetime, freakin pass!! (that means that i can just go in there any time of my life and show them my pass and they’ll let me play for free!) the hole was basically a 15 foot long and 2 inch wide line from me to the hole, surrounded by water, with the hole protected by fence. this is what you have to do to get it in: hit the ball at the exact speed and power, making it go for 10 ft, then it has to pass through a tiny hole in the fence and go another 3-5 ft, then it falls into the hole, if it goes like a half an inch off course, it falls into the water. (did i mention that you only get one try?)

see ya next time!!!!!!


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