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Yep. It’s our last night, and I FORGOT TO GET A POSTCARD. I am such a dolt. I decided that one thing I want to do is get a postcard from each city we go to and I already forgot to do it in the very first city. We are taking a good bit of sand with us, a piece of fossilized looking coral, some leftover granola bars and a new pair of sneaks for Cooper (sent home the old ones). But no postcard. Ugh! Maybe I can snap one up at the airport tomorrow.
Also I can definitely say that the Claras DO NOT look alike. One IS blonde, as my boy said. (Hear that Cooper? I’m admitting you were right!) The other is brunette. They are both totally freaking adorable. Today Cooper and I went swimming in the fitness center pool (I swam laps for 50 minutes, BOO YAH) and then went over to the hotel to get lunch overlooking the beach. Well, who was finishing up lunch but the Claras! And their moms. And down on the beach – in plain view – was the other Ben. We blew off lunch and went down to the water with the Claras and their moms. The Claras are both so easy to get along with – just easygoing, sweet girls. One has three sisters, and the other has one. They went into the hot tub for a little while, and then came down to the water where they all set about to digging the Biggest Hole Ever Dug on the beach, which they all eventually got into for a photo. (will post soon)
Also – I think I mentioned that all the other touring casts of Radio City are rehearsing here in Myrtle Beach… well we saw two other Claras and two other boys, all from the Nashville show. That show has a different story line and although the Claras are still called “Clara,” the boys don’t have a name. They are just credited as “Little Boy” I think. Anyway, there was some overlapping running around with the other Claras and Little Boys. Happy, sandy, kids; happy, sandy moms. It was kind of incredibly blissful.
Then later in the afternoon, all 12 of us (2 Bens, 2 Patricks, 2 Claras, 6 moms) went to the most amazing putt putt course I’ve ever seen!! It was called Mt. Atlanticus and there were a few indoor greens (in a cave) as well as outdoor ones… there were ponds and waterfalls and a mountain, and the greens were on all different levels and were interesting and tricky. The very last hole was impossible – a long, skinny strip of green that sloped down on either side into water. The green part was literally only about 6-8 inches wide, if that. Well they all ducked in there and I was lagging behind, and I heard them all cheer and it was because COOPER had shot a hole in one! So I missed it. But he was quite happy and now he gets a lifetime pass to play putt putt at Mt. Atlanticus AND they took his picture to put up on their wall of fame! So if ever you are hanging out with us at Myrtle Beach in the future, let’s go play!
Also there were Halloween treats – the other Ben mom gave out little goody bags, and the Patricks came by with excessive amounts of chocolate! I shared cinnamon rolls that I made last night (last night of baking for a while).
Tomorrow morning we report to the bus at 9:30, and it will take us to the airport at 10. We fly to Madison at 12:30 and will be checking into the Clarion Suites when we arrive in the afternoon. Dry tech takes place tomorrow night (when design/production people set up and test lights, sound, scenery etc with no actors around) so the cast can get busy Tuesday. Cooper will be working 1-6 on Tuesday, which is a little less than his hours were here. Maybe they will have tutoring after? Don’t know. From Wednesday until opening, rehearsals will be 1 til 11, with run-through/notes starting on Friday. The children will not be called for that entire time, but they will work a lot of it and fit their tutoring in around the edges. Sunday (a week from today) is a day off in Madison, and I signed up to run a 5-mile “Turkey Trot” race, which I am looking forward to! I imagine I might be ready to run some tension off by then. 🙂 On Sunday we will also celebrate the 13th birthday of one of the Claras. What a cool thing for her to be doing on her birthday! Monday and Tuesday are dress rehearsals and Wednesday is opening, and ZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM we’re off. Makes me out of breath just to write about it. But of course I’ll be back before then with more details, so you can all be out of breath with me.


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  1. Holly ~ Thanks for sharing this adventure with us who are here back home. What an incredible experience for Cooper, and how amazing that you are able to do this with him. Great things happening to GREAT people. Tell Coop I’m proud of him!

  2. wow! opening so soon! time seems to be flying by, from this end, at least!

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