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sorry i haven’t been able to blog. i’ve been super duper busy. ok so i guess hangin out with rockettes (more on that later) isn’t being THAT busy but it’s a lot better than hangin out with a computer (no offense macbook). other than hangin out with rockettes i’ve been on a really tight rehearsal/tutoring schedule. plus getting to know the Clara’s (there Ben’s sister in the show. so there my sister in the show. and J’s for that matter ) who just got here. plus watching southpark, drinking cranberry juice and playing yahtzee (which i suck at. but it’s only because i’m the only person who’s never played). but life is pretty good here. i have to admit i’m not going to totally be bummed about not spending halloween at home. now i have an excuse for not having a costume. “we’re not supposed to pack a lot cuz we move around a lot”. but what must you 40(ish) year old men (daddy, i hope your listening to how young i put you) be thinking about right about……… the rockettes? ok fine i’ll tell you. we went to the beach and saw a bunch of rockettes. more detailed?? what were they wearing? ok fine. we went to the beach (which mom will post pictures of) and we happened to be close to a rockette hotspot (kinda like wifi at starbucks. where you go “yes!”) and happened to be close enough to make out the many different patterns of bikinis. we (make that i) also happened to venture close enough to see a really big guy come close to them and they stopped what they were doing just to look at his 6-pack (make that 26-pack).

today was kinda funny at lunch because one of the rockettes had their birthday. they had a Hannah Montana pinyata (how do you spell that?) and everything. then they decided to let some kids have a go at it. i guess you’ll never know how fun it is to whack Hannah Montana in the head and see Hershey’s fall out of her nose.

please post comments that say what your doing on halloween! we wanna know whats goin on down there!


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3 responses to “sorry dudes (by da-coop)

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  1. Laughing out loud right about now. You’re too much. Whoever said you turned 10 in August was sorely mistaken. Make it 10 going on 25 🙂 Halloween you asked? I’m going to Michaels house, but I don’t have a costume either…nerd rope perhaps? It’ll probs just be more a spur of the moment deal, ya know? Sounds like you’re both having a blast, and that you seem pretty busy with baking and rockettes…I mean rehearsing and tutoring 😉

    Miss you both more than you know! 12:37.

  2. HAHAHA you’re too funny. yeahyeah, michael’s house is the place to be on halloween! im thinking about going as snooki from jersey shore…. we’ll see. if you feel like swinging down to richmond for an evening (aka HALLOWEEN) you know where all your friends will be! 🙂 miss you!!

    allison paige gilman
  3. I like a kid who likes to whack Hannah Montana in the nose.
    We are going trick or treating in our neighborhood. Luke was going to be a Thomas the Train vampire (which I think would have been great) but now he is just going to be a vampire. Ruby is going to be Medusa, but we are having trouble getting the snaky hair exactly right. I am supposed to follow her around and act like i have been turned to stone whenever she looks at me. Good times.

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