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Well, dang. I’m already behind on the blog I only just started. Must be my full daily schedule of running on the beach, reading my novel, taking hot baths and revising the next day’s grocery list. OH, such a hard, hard life.

I have been baking, too, in spite of the amazingly ill-stocked kitchen. Purchased a cheapo set of loaf pans and have been tickled to produce 4 excellent loaves of bread (so far). Made 2 loaves of cinnamon-raisin-walnut and sent one in with Cooper to bring to the company management office. He was worried that it would look like we were sucking up, so I took off the friendly note saying who it was from and made sure NOT to look like I wanted to be thanked when I returned to pick up the cutting board and knife later. Pretty sure they now know that I don’t care what they think of me or my actor kid and only want to leave my home-baked bread and get out. Whew. Close call.

Oh, but the Claras! They came Sunday, but nobody met them til yesterday’s rehearsal. The highly observant Cooper told me yesterday afternoon that one was really blonde and the other one…. wasn’t. This morning when I dropped off the Bens I wandered around until I saw two long-legged little girls with their hair up in buns. Neither was actually blonde, but both were criminally adorable. One had black dancer pants on, and the other had some sort of stylish sweats on topped by a Juicy Couture hoodie. It may take me til mid-November to be able to tell them apart because with their hair in the same style, and with both having the same little cute munchkin voices and the same friendly attitude, they seemed like identical twins to me. I met their moms briefly in company management (you know, where I go to be unfriendly and deliver bread), and they seem cool as well.

The Patrick moms – who are on their third call of duty with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular Arena Tour – were saying the other day that there’s always somebody who is a little “off” and they’re wondering who is is going to be this time. I’m thinking maybe it must be me and Cooper because everybody else here – kids and moms – seems normal and nice. So if you catch me acting weird, say something, so I don’t spoil it for everyone else. Thanks.

What else can I tell you? Sunday was a day off. We went to the pool and the beach and then the pool again. On the beach there were approximately 7,000 Rockettes in bikinis. I really wanted to take a picture, but I would like to actually be friendly with these folks at some point, and photographing them as if they were exotic zoo animals didn’t seem to be quite the right way to start off. So I refrained. But I did feel like I was on the totally wrong beach, wearing my frumpy old Speedo with my black running shorts over top of it. It didn’t matter though – it was a glorious day. The Bens played in the ocean, and the other Ben mom and I stood in the surf and watched them nearly get toppled again and again. Great fun for little boys, rather anxious for moms. She is from Connecticut and is really lovely and fun to talk to. Her boy has done more voiceover and commercial stuff, not so much theater. So it was fun to trade experiences. After the second pool trip, we did a quick change at home and met the Patricks and their moms at Lazer Tag. The Patricks have a girl friend (a girl FRIEND not a girlfriend, I’m pretty sure) visiting them from California, and listening to the bunch of them made me really miss Eric and Michael and Jessie and Allison and all the other Richmond teen theater dweebs.

After Lazer Tag we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. The moms talked theater – one of the Patrick moms is good friends with Len Cariou because her Patrick was in a show with him in Florida a while back. She showed me a picture in her iPhone of her kids next to him with his TONY in the background!!!! So jealous. Also the California Patrick knows Allie Trimm, and when Radio City was rehearsing at Hershey Park in 2008, they went up to see her 13 opening on their day off. Dang! JEALOUS! (Yes, I am the oldest teenaged theater dweeb in the world.)

After dinner we pillaged the gift shop. I smeared one of the Patricks at checkers even though I didn’t mean to beat him THAT badly, and I got a great photo of the California girl, the other Patrick and Cooper pretending to be a rock band on Cracker Barrel instruments. Will post soon. Also have to post the other side of the Christmas letters, which DO in fact say Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was rehearsal, tutoring, bread-baking, video chatting with home, and a failed sneaker-buying outing saved only by the fact that I narrowly avoided squashing a frog on our way home and instead Cooper got to run out in the rain and catch it. Hm. Better post that photo too.

Cooper says that during rehearsals they are running the whole show already and he is loving how it is all coming together. He had his first costume fitting last week and says the costume people are really cool but his costume is uncomfortable and too “fancy” which probably means it is slacks and a Christmas sweater instead of Old Navy cargo shorts and a stretched out t-shirt. (anybody remember his kick of wearing a tie to school every day in first grade? yeah. those days are GONE)

I am on Day 6 of my commitment to run at least 5 miles every day for one week, and if I don’t get out there very soon I am going to lose my opportunity and my motivation. So I am wrapping this up for now.

We are LOVING LOVING LOVING the comments, so please keep reading and keep writing back!!! It’s so wonderful to have so many great friends back home who are interested in following along as we have this adventure. Thanks for being out there. See you in 2011!


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7 responses to “the Claras are here!

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  1. i originally posted this on your facebook but decided to relocated the comment to the blog itself!!

    let me start off by saying I ADORE YOUR BLOG! i check it daily… (is that weird?) and am so intrigued by you & coop’s whirlwind adventure! it sounds like youre having a marvelous time, i hope you guys continue to enjoy every moment! we miss you so so much as well- our richmond theatre dweebs group is incomplete without cooper! jessie & i are trying our hardest to coordinate a group trip to the midwest to see you guys!! much love to you & the coop!

    allison paige gilman
  2. The best thing about a blog is that you are never “behind on it.” Anything you post will be welcome. I know I appreciate hearing whatever you have a chance to write so keep it up but don’t beat yourself up if you have to, you know, live your life for a day or two without reporting on it!

    And running out to catch frogs in the rain? I think the “acting weird” monitor just went off…

  3. Regarding your comment about the one who’s off:

    “The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you”
    Rita Mae Brown

    I don’t think it’s you!

  4. Yay, all of my friends are weird so it’s not me. Holly, you wrote enough today to qualify for a day or two off. I love reading this – post photos soon. Hugs to Cooper – but wait – he doesn’t like hugs, so just say hello.

  5. with you guys away and stuff, and you writing this awesome blog, and everyone being kind of majorly obsessed with it aka skipping homework to read it, and me seeing you only in pictures instead of in person, makes me feel like you guys are celebrities. ya know? cause people stalk them but dont see them in real life, and everyones always talking about them and stuff and so yeah basically what im saying is that YOU GUYS ARE PRETTY MUCH CELEBS RIGHT NOW. except wayyy cooler than any of the celebs that i know because none of them are related to me.

    can you tell im delirious? 🙂

    momma- glad youre liking my mix 🙂 i’ll send you more over email if you want! also CONGRATS about the 5 miles a day! i knew you could/would do it! you are AWESOME. just dont tear your lateral meniscus please!

    cooper- you are hilarious and please stop growing up its too hard for me to face! unless you grow up so much that youre ready for college, in which case you can just come with me 🙂

    anyway love you both– talk to you this weekend some i hope?? i have monday off so a little more free time than usual! ❤ ❤ ❤ love you so much! xoxoxo

  6. I can’t decide whose blogging I love more yours or Coopers! You are BOTH so fun to read! I love how sometimes, I’m reading and I’m like, ok is this a 40-something woman, or a 10 year -old-boy speaking!

    When I saw the kitchen inventory and complaint about now cookie baking sheets I thought — hmm it could be either one!

    So happy things are going so well. We miss you in RVA.

  7. Laughing at Jonah’s comment – trying to figure out which “voice” I’m reading is definitely part of the fun!

    I’m thinking that if the Patricks’ moms are telling you about the tradition of one “off” person, they either a) are relatively sure it’s not you, or b) are warning you that it had better not be you. Probably the former.

    And friends with Len Cariou? OMG JEALOUS.

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