wow, i didn’t know their legs could go THAT high (by coop, dawg)   3 comments

ok so if you ever see the rockettes you’ll know what i mean. we just (today) did the whole show, but with a bunch of the cast! they are all (as you probably expected) really cool and nice. the reason my subject is the way it is though is this: the number that we saw today was by the rockettes!!! it was so awesome, they kicked like in the EXACT line and stuff. and really high. also they do this one part where they get these boxes that say “merry christmas!” and then they sit on them and do this really cool tap number. then they jump off them and land straight on the ground doing the splits! THEN they jump behind the boxes and pick them up in a really cool order that when they move around says “merry christmas!” plus they do tons of other cool stuff. i will interview one of the rockettes soon so you guys can see when i get home. please come see the show, for your benefit. i could barely go on with the scene. it was so awesome. so awesome. awesome. you guys gotta see it!!!!!!!


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3 responses to “wow, i didn’t know their legs could go THAT high (by coop, dawg)

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  1. Hi Cooper. When I was about your age, I saw the Rockettes for the first (and only) time, live, in the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall. The thing I remember best is that there were REAL CAMELS on the stage! It was freezing cold and my dad stood in line for hours for those tickets while my mother took us 4 kids to the ice-skating rink at Rockefeller Center.

    I also learned that the Rockettes are different heights and arranged in their kick lines so that the tallest is center and descend in size so that the shortest dancers are on the ends to create the optical illusion that they are all equal in height.

    xoxo jj

  2. How bout sending some photos of the Rockettes? Are you allowed to take their picture? I hope you had a great day off you dawg. I’m going to your house and will say hi to Jesse Gecko for you.

  3. YOU GUYS ARE SO FUNNY AHHHH! I MISS YOU SO MUCH. the house is a lot quieter without you both….weird how that happens huh?

    i am SO glad you (cooper AND mommy) are doing this blog! you are both so hilarious and expressive and awesome in writing!

    love you both SOOOOO much xoxox

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