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So today I amused myself by trying to figure out how the condo people think that vacationers will use this kitchen. It’s a real kitchen, with a sink and a fridge/freezer and a microwave and a coffeemaker and a toaster and a blender and a stove with an oven AND a cooktop. There are plenty of dishes and silverware. Just to make sure I was right about that, I counted and here’s what I got:

11 dinner plates, 18 salad plates, 15 large bowls and 4 small ones, 14 large coffee mugs, 6 small and dainty tea cups, 1 large serving platter, one large serving bowl, one medium serving bowl, 14 tall drinking glasses, 14 medium drinking glasses, 12 juice glasses, 1 plastic pitcher, too many forks and knives to count – like literally 30 or 40 apiece, at least 15 soup spoons, at least 20 cereal spoons, a spatula, a cheese grater, a potato masher, an ice cream scoop, tongs, 3 big knives, and 3 huge meat forks, like the kind you would use to hold a roast in place while you cut and serve it to your guests.

Only you couldn’t cook a roast here because the entire allotment of cookware consists of a 1-qt saucepan, a 2-qt saucepan, a 6-inch frying pan and a glass pie plate. Other than the pie plate, there is not one single thing you could stick in the oven. Nothing to put a frozen pizza on, nothing to heat taco shells on, and – most sad of all – nothing to bake chocolate chip cookies on!! I have enough plates for 11 – our large glass table would seat 6, and I could set up a bridge table to accommodate the other 5. Only I’d have to serve something I could poach in a saucepan, and I’d have to start early in the day because I’d be poaching one portion at a time. And I could make a nice pot of rice if my guests would settle for a spoonful apiece. Or perhaps I could boil two potatoes and mash them. Anyway, I keep being fooled by the illusion of a kitchen and then realizing we actually really can’t cook much!

Also today I went down to the beautiful seaside and went for a long run while listening to Spring Awakening really loud in my earphones and watching the seagulls dive headfirst into the water and come up with glistening wiggly little fish. And I went to a pretty grocery store and got a sample of watermelon and bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner. Which was already cooked, you’ll note.

When it was time to pick up the Bens from rehearsal, I walked around the mall and saw a huge array of big wooden blocks with letters on them, all painted in Christmas-y colors. They are beautiful, and there are lots of them!! I saw them yesterday as well, and I noticed the “C” and the “H” and the “M.” I figure they will use them as props for the Rockettes to stand on or jump off, and at some point they will line them up to spell Merry Christmas. Only today I didn’t see the “M” or the “H” and I realized that the blocks didn’t spell anything even resembling Merry Christmas. It was all consonants except for an “i” and a “e” but if I had to say out loud, I think I would say:


What that has to do with Christmas, I’m not quite sure. But I will definitely report here if I find out.


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  1. Xerox wicked J, perhaps? Some coded message to cult-like Christmas Spectacular followers??

  2. Spoiler alert: I think there may be different letters on the bottom of the boxes, or the back…I seem to remember that they do in fact spell “Merry Christmas” at the end of the number.

  3. It’s how they say Merry Christmas in Finland. Holly, you seem to have a bit of time on your times to make such a splendid count of kitchenware.

  4. Double Spoiler: Jessica’s right, they do in fact spell out Merry Christmas (and on larger productions with more Rockettes sometimes they add Happy New Year as well). they’re used by the Rockettes in the number where they’re dressed up as Ragdolls. at the end of their number they pick up the boxes and flip them over their heads, and the letters that were on the backside are what you see to spell it out. (BIG responsibility for the person that has to preset all of the blocks in the correct starting place.. I’ve heard rumor of people being fired for messing this up!!!)

  5. Boo Jessica and Christina, you ruined my BIG REVEAL!!! I took a photo from the other side of the blocks and will post it soon. 🙂

    Christina – they have started rehearsing the ragdoll number. Coop says it is amazing! (as you probably already read) Sounds like getting those blocks in EXACTLY the right order is a big deal. Yikes! MAN, I wish you could be here with us…

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