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ok so this is really weird but there are two guys who look EXACTLY like celebrities. the first one:

actual dude: jonathan

celeb: matt damon

job: office guy

i swear, he doesn’t have the voice but the first time i met him i was like “are you sure his name isn’t matt??”

actual dude: robert (i think we have a name connection but i can’t figure it out 🙂 hehe

celeb: john stamos (i know right?)

job: stand by for santa (say THAT five times fast)

this guy might be john stamos’s stunt man or something. the weird smile and everything, jeez. his hairdo is the most john stamosy part about him too.

stay tuned for more!!!!!

this was brought to you by: goldfish! the snack that makes you fat! wait…wasn’t it something less negative? whatev


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