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hey guys!!! so myrtle beach is waaaaawesome and the rehearsal space is the coolest. but everything looks the same so it takes like 2 minutes to find the bathroom. but yeah. the cast is really nice and the condo is like a mansion. also, lunch is 3 HOURS LOOOOOONG!!!!!!! thats why we were playing poker. lunch break is really cool because the tables are all filled up with rockettes so your like “hmmmmmm which one is prettier: that one or that one”.

tutoring is pretty fun but kinda boring sometimes. but its mostly because we don’t get to move around that much. the cast of kids: patrick numero 1- T. patrick numero 2- S. ben numero 1-moi. ben numero 2- J.

the wrangler is not a wrangler at all, more like a super hero. he is really cool and laid back and stuff. but he lost his wallet so everyone do a silent prayer for him right…………….done? ok good. so life here is pretty awesome. tonight we went to a really good pizza place called “the mellow mushroom” its really cool there and has good pizza. we are planning to get some beach time or pool time but we haven’t had any yet. also they said there was a lazer tag and a bumper cars so woohoo!!!!!!! once we get on the road we won’t be able to do enough updates so just listen while you can.bye for now!!!!!!


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  1. Man, you are one lucky Ben. Myrtle Beach – pool time – beach time – pizza – Rockettes. I bet everyone back home is pretty jealous.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Dude that’s so awesome!!! make sure you bring me back some awesome, ok?


  3. Too funny. It seems like a grand time. Keep writing, both of you! You both have so many fans! xox

  4. Eric – Coop says: “OK, I’ll try!” (to bring you back some awesome)

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