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I am pretty sure my head will stop spinning soon, and when it does, I want to have my blog ready. I am really new at this and hoping to figure it out without going crazy! It is 4 PM on our first full day at Myrtle Beach. We are staying at Kingston Plantation, which is pretty darn nice! Cooper and I are in a 2-bedroom condo. It has a kitchen and 2 bathrooms and a washing machine and a lot of tv sets and a balcony.

In a little while the other Ben mom  (the kids are often referred to by the name of the character they are portraying; hence we have the Bens and the Patricks, who started rehearsing today, and the Claras, who aren’t here yet) and I have to go to the rehearsal facility and pick up  the kids. The rehearsal facility is an abandoned outlet mall. It’s sort of surreal over there – walking around an empty mall with lots of storefronts that still have their signs up, but inside they are converted into studio space or the tutoring room or the director’s lounge. There’s an abandoned “Good Shop Lollipop” candy kiosk right in the middle of everything. Against the facing wall hangs a rack of Radio City swag for sale. The main rehearsal space is through the “Easy Spirit and Co,” the tutoring is in the old Bon Worth Factory Outlet, and the director’s lounge is in KORET: Misses, Womens, Petites. Props and set pieces and wardrobe stuff everywhere: Santa suits hanging in rows, giant stuffed bear heads, flouncy little jewel-colored tutus, winter jackets and white Nutcracker pants. OK, let’s see how this went.

Two Patricks and a Ben play poker on lunch break!


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6 responses to “what day is it?

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  1. Hey! A blog is born! I’m so psyched to get to follow along with you guys.

    The deserted mall sounds creepily awesome, wish I were there to photograph it. Hopefully you’ll do that for us. 😉

  2. Holly, I’m thrilled that you have started a blog. You have lots of great things to write about, and Facebook is just not a big enough space to spread your brain out and write! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  3. Hey! I added you to my Google Reader. Hope you have a great time!

  4. Love it, love it, love it. I’m so glad you’re blogging and I sure hope Cooper will add his two cents along the way. Sounds great so far.

  5. yay yay yay!

  6. Hey everybody!! Thanks for the comments – WE LOVE THEM!!! Hope we keep it interesting enough to make you keep reading…

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