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At some point I realized that yesterday we Virginians were in Atlanta meeting the Californians with whom we were flying to South Caroline to rehearse a touring show that originated in New York and is opening in Madison.



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  1. Hi, Holly and Cooper, I’m glad I can follow your road show without being on Facebook (not that there’s anything wrong with Facebook, I’m just not on it). I can picture the abandoned mall–kind of sad that the economy is in such a state that even an outlet mall can’t make a go… Glad you have a nice place to live at this stage of the tour. Boy, do I have fond memories of the Radio City holiday show from my childhood–we used to go every year and wait in long lines in the cold to get in the theater. But the theater was so big and beautiful, it was a thrill to get in (and warm up!)
    Love, Judy

  2. Hi Auntie J! It’s great to hear from you, and I’m glad you are journeying along with us. I’m SO ENVIOUS that you and Mom and basically all the family on both sides before ME grew up in New York!!! How is it that we didn’t end up with some grand family house up there somewhere that I could stay in during the summers??!!!
    Anyway – so cool that you were a regular Radio City attendee. I’ve never seen it even once, not even last year when it came to my own home town! Oy.

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